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Monday, September 25, 2006

Les Miserables, London

I think I have watched Les Miserable 3 times in London. One of my favourite past times in London is to hang around Leicester Square until late evening to shop and get half price ticket to Theater Shows. That is one of the reasons why I keep going back to London. The experience of watching actors on stage performing their role is very captivating. The stage designs are phenomenal, somewhat awestruck most of the time. You will understand why shows like this can run for 14 years with more than 200 performances in a year. Don't watch it, experience it, you will fall for the characters and plot. I love it!!

Charing Cross - books haven, London

Here, in the middle of Charing Cross, London, you will find big bookstores such as Foyles and across the street, Borders. Walk down the street, you will find rows and rows of bookshops offering all sorts of books. I usually will spend the whole day here. Walk down another road, turn the corner and you come to Soho and Leicester Square. But weather in London is very unpredictable. You see it is blue sky now, half an hour later, it drizzles. So, bringing umbrella with you wherever you go during winter is safest deal. Most times, felt so cold, my fingers numbed, so, there is another reason why I run into a bookshop - heater!!

Wandering in London

I like to wander in London downtown. Especially when you are looking for books, all sorts of books - go to Charing Cross. It is one way of going through good bargains for old, out of print books. Also, you will find to your delights, books at better bargains. I have been to London so many times and yet I keep on going back. Just walking on the streets feel like home. Is it because I was brought up reading Enid Blyton? Remember The Secret Seven meeting with tea and muffins, and the George's (Georgina's, she likes being a boy, so she likes to be called George) dog, what's its name? And I read Agatha Christie's so many writings, I immerse in its settings too.

Exciting Food Eatery, MaBoonKong, Bangkok

Now, one thing I really don't understand. What did our Malaysian govt do with our signature Malaysian foods? This food eatery in MBK shopping mall, Bangkok, featured so many countries' cuisine. They have Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian etc, and Singapore........wa-lau-eh, Singapore wok-mee???? I walked around trying to find Malaysian's satay, nyonya food or even our humble Penang laksa - NOT listed. Hmmmm........good, now it is my opportunity to introduce Malaysian foods to the world. Next time, you will see pictures of Bak Kut Teh, Sarawak laksa, Penang laksa and our very own food "fare". Lets get together to give the world what we have - great food-love affair!!

Lovely Italian dessert in Bangkok

Wow, didn't I tell you? Drooooling already - yeah? I loved the souffle at MBK shopping mall. They baked it as ordered, so it came hot, crispy and fragrant straight from the oven. And I chose to sit at the counter to eat rather than finding myself a table at the eatery. Beautiful and chic place, must go. Moreso, MBK has probably one of the cheapest goods you can find in Bangkok, moreover, it is air-conditioned, shop in the comfort. Go....!!

Sweet Souffle, Bangkok

I was in MBK (I think it is short for MaBoonKong) shopping mall, Bangkok. It was one of the most modern and sophisticated eating outlets I have been. As you walk in, there are 2 beautiful Thai girls handing you a "credit card" with 2,000 baht to spend. All the eatery counters here are very well lit and each has an LCD screen where your purchases are punched in and your "credit card" is credited with the food your ordered. After your makan, you walk out of the place where there are cashiers, then you pay what is on the computer screen when they insert your "credit card" into the slot. Cool-eh?? I am having souffle with Italian coffee, this is an Italian dessert joint.