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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trevi Fountain, Rome

I cannot resist Italy. Cannot. Just don't even suggest I color it off from my luscious world map.
When I hear Tuscany, I go wild with the images of empty meadows, olive gardens, medieval buildings, pasta, wine and Mona Lisa (??!!?) and all the merriment of the people with big hearts there. And please don't tell me that risotto is rice cooked so chewy like overnight cooked cheese, I will take a parang and chase you into the Florentine river and dip you into Minetrone con pesto.
Rome is like a huge open museum, wherever you turn, you step into a history so filled with intriguing merriments and mastermind wonderments that it sets you to want to listen to the whispers and laughters that are left in the remaining walls and fallen stones.
Trevi Fountain is such a wondrous creation to match our creator's divine brush of the color of life. Listen to the 3 coins in the fountain, and hear all of us returning to exclaim in its most mystical draw of heavenly beauty. Oh my heaven, when I first saw its magnificence and grandiosity, I was so awe-struck no Italian gelato can take my eyes off it.
Take it from me, go to see Trevi Fountain at least once this lifetime, you will be mesmerised.

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