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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The World Eats - Würzburg, Germany

When I checked into Hotel Wurzburger Hof in Wurzburg, Germany, the first thing I wanted to know was where to eat?  I asked the the person at the reception, if they were to go for dinner, where would the locals go?  She asked me what kind of food I would like to eat.  We were in Bavaria, Germany, so of course I would prefer everything that is authentically Bavarian, the local dark beer included.

She gave us a few restaurant names and locations, but finally, she highly recommeded Alte Mainmühle, a restaurant that serves authentic Bavarian food and it has the best view of the impressive Marienberg Fortress.

The Fortress was constructed in the year 1201 for Würzburg's prince-bishops.

My favorite comfort food when in Germany has always been the sausages and the pork knuckle.  I've tried the sausages and the pork knuckle cooked in various style in different places while traveling in Germany.  Every pork dish was made with the restaurant's signature sauces and cooking method.  My taste-buds were always tantalized with the special spices and ingredients.

The restaurant was just walking distance from the hotel we stayed.  Hotel Wurzburger Hof is situated about 5 minutes walk from the train station.  Walk out of the train station, go straight towards the square, cross the road and walk up the road.  The road is flanked by rows of shops.  Look up and you will see the hotel right ahead. 

When we arrived that day, it snowed.  We waited until the snow stopped, then we walked out to the streets where it is the market square.  You will know that it is where locals convene because the city church with its spires is located at the central square. 

It was a lovely winter evening, walking the streets was truly calming.

The restaurant entrance to the level facing the river.

A romantic view of Marienberg Fortress located on the Main River in Würzburg, Germany.  Can be viewed at the entrance of the restaurant.

5 piece grilled sausage with sides €7 (sauerkraut and mustard).

Pork Shoulder with Dark Beer Sauce, creamy savoy cabbage and home bread dumpling €16.

The interior of the restaurant on the lower level.  On warmer days, the doors are open to the balcony for the view of Marienberg Fortress.

We finished our foods, 5 grilled sausages and the pork shoulder.

Alte Mainmühle: The exterior.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Strolling in Insadong

Where are the places to shop in Seoul?

There are many exciting shopping districts in Seoul.  I like the most is Insadong, a quintessential artsy and unpretentious place where people can perform and display their 'personality'.  They can be as loud, literally shouting, as in street hawking.  At times, there will be someone sitting in the middle of the street with a few pieces of cloth, written all over them in Korean, then reciting what seemed to be a chant.  An attention-getter indeed, a crowd puller, but I could not make out what was said. 

You can find all kinds of art pieces, new and old, here at Insadong.  Insadong is a shopping street which is only a stone throw away from the infamous Gyeongbokgung (the royal palace during the Joseon Dynasty).  During the Joseon Dynasty, this place was apparently the get-together sojourn for artist and painters.

Insadong is still such a place where you are able to find arts, painting, the writing and drawing instruments.  Art lovers set up shops in the narrow alleyways, the place is filled with folk crafts, pottery, and paintings.

Then, in the evening, take a walk along Cheonggyecheon stream, a 5.8km restored site where there are over a dozen bridges and the sidewalk is about 15 feet below street level.  Surprisingly the busy neighborhood never seem to affect the serenity of the flowing stream below.  After that, go for a bucket of beers in one of the neon-lit pubs along the stream before you hit the sack.  The beautiful autumn weather will keep you awake for more surprises for your Seoul holiday.

A small but uniquely designed shopping mall with four floors lined with shops.

I had my first manicure and my first nail art done by an artist in Seoul.

The many attractions and bridges along the restored Cheonggyecheon stream.

The Cheonggyecheon stream is flanked by one of the busiest office boulevard in Seoul.

The plaque where it is inscribed a brief introduction and history of Cheonggyecheon stream.