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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Disney Magic Kingdom - the happiest place on Earth

This is truly the happiest place on Earth. When I first heard about Disney World many years back, I thought, well, it is just another theme park. Then, 5 years ago, I went to Disney World in Tokyo and I had my first taste about this magic kingdom. I had a great time then. I did not, however, felt that much of the well-known caption - the happiest place on Earth, the "happy" and "magical" feeling as how Walt Diney put it somehow wasn't ticklish enough. I just enjoyed myself nevertheless. It was very cold in Tokyo when I was there. I had my thick jacket and all those clothing on while I ran around going through all the rides and games and 3-D visual shows.
This time I wanted to experience the BIG one, where everyone seems to tell me that if you have been to the Theme Parks in Orlando, you would have seen it all. Well, I wouldn't say that, I still want to go to the one in Hong Kong, because I believe each has its own uniqueness and magic.
But I would really want to say that in Orlando, the 3 theme parks I chose to visit for 3 consecutive days, were huge. The magnitude of the theme parks blew me away. I couldn't imagine how big that could be, but having so many theme parks here in Orlando, that has made it the city of the world's greatest theme parks, no doubt about it.
I walked and played so much the 1st and 2nd day, by the 3rd day, I was almost worn out. So tired. Imagine being in the adrenaline flow beginning on day 1 starting off at 7am, back in the hotel by 11pm. Then, start all over again the next day. It was like magic overdose. So, the 3rd day, I kinda paced myself and not get over excited. Well, that being said, you see, I cannot not get excited over all the games and the rides, because they were all so visual. They got into all my senses. How can I not get into it when I was enclosed in a space shuttle while I zoomed into light years riding my life zig-zagging into the meteorites and crash landed on Mars, that was senses stampede!
The first day, I chose Disney Magic Kingdom, with all the fairy tales with Mickey and Minnie inviting us into the park at 9am, its opening hour. The 2nd day, I chose Epcot Centre (the one with the huge Clobe), the futuristic city where I get to go into all the things we could think of in this millennia. Then, the 3rd day, I chose Universal Studio, where all the movies came to life, especially surviving the tornado in the movie Twister.
At the Universal Studios, we met with one of our favorite characters, the zany Simpsons. They even have an exhibition and a lot of memorabilia for the first lady of comedy of the sitcom "I Love Lucy" fame.
Before I signed up for this package, the travel agent suggested taking the 7-day 5 theme parks package. Fortunately, I did not. For me, 3 theme parks for a 5-day visit was already good enough. I needed the extra 2 days to breathe and get my head in normal order. I was so spun, I needed my bearing to stand on earth again.
We arrived in Orlando after having a day in Chicago. It was freezing. Chicago was -10c when we touched down. We got to find our own hotel, which we got one downtown at almost RM600 per night. But it was good, everything was within walking distance. The best was we managed to get 2 tickets to the current much talked about musical "Wicked". It was funny, entertaining and a fun-tastic show. Well, watching broadway in Chicago was really chic. Try it the next time when you are here.
We took a Korean Air flight, so it went to Chicago via Seoul. My flight schedule is KL-Seoul-Chicago-Birmingham-Honolulu-Seoul-KL. We will be boarding about 10 flights to get to all the destinations. This schedule is great because we get to stopover for a night in Chicago and Seoul with no extra charge on the flight ticket. Only need to pay for our accommodation.

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