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Friday, March 07, 2008

Bratislava - Slovakia, a country where scuptures' breathe

I know, I have been missing for almost 2 months now. Since I posted the last thought on Dec 28, 2007, I left to India for almost 3 weeks. Came back and did some work for 4 days, then flew to London for another 3 weeks vacation to Eastern Europe and Britain too.

Then, I came back after a rejuvenating sojourn, and have so much good fortune, the business appointments kept pouring in. Today, I decided to take a half day off to take in some good breath and have some time to write too.

So, here it is, some cute pictures taken in Bratislava. The top 3 pics are essentially the Top 3 sculptures in Bratislava that are the most photographed. The one in focal black and white, is my personal pick as one of the best known chef in the world.

Lots of stories to tell, especially my backpacking experience to India (again, I know, I just like India, the diversity in everything is always pulling me back to its embrace again and again, and I am not complaining.) And then some more extra travelling tips in Europe to share.

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Jackie said...

chee wah I love these photos, especially the one of you leaning on the guy with the hat! LOVE IT!