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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saint-Paul de Vence, France

St Paul-de-Vence, this is whole village.
It has been quite a while, in fact, almost two months, since I last updated my blog.  I must admit that when sometimes I feel like writing, and the idea is brewing, I will start out looking for the appropriate pictures in my iPhoto for the story I am about to tell.  Most of the time, while browsing the pictures, instead of deciding on one aspect of the travel destination to write about, I will instead, reminisce the joy being there.  As if I am walking through the streets in India, in Italy, in South Africa and in so many wonderful where I left my footsteps behind.

The memories are so vivid most of the times because I spend time walking, observing, feeling the presence of everything that is there at the moment.  Even cramping into a bus that is full of people, that is already so memorable.

The village map. That's all to it.
This is the little place I so fondly remember as I go through my pictures.  A place nestled between Nice and the French Riviera, close to Cannes, is the small fortress village of St Paul-de-Vence.  The village is so quaint and so charming, walking on the cobbled stone becomes a fun thing to do.  Marveling at the shops with little doors and artistic display of their goods are a great pastime.  Then move around the fort enclosed village to find a corner with small old-fashioned chairs and tea-tables, order a glass of the local wine or a latte and a piece of chocolate fondant cake, a specialty of St Paul.

That will be a beautiful day spent in the confines of the picturesque and peaceful village.

An artistic display of a street name on the wall.

A garden-like entrance to someone's residence.

Shops have artistic display of beautiful items.
A hotel for the discerning few.

Lavender is in abundance here.

Tourists favorites.
Lavender is used in their food products too