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Thursday, August 01, 2013

The world Eats - Langkawi

I was in Langkawi, believe it or not, on a culinary discovery, a sojourn of food and sunsets.  After 15 years, I am back in Langkawi and the first place I went for dinner was at Bon Ton.  I have been patronizing Bon Ton since its opening in KL in 1987 till they sold off their operations in KL in 1999.  I particularly enjoyed Bon Ton's back-to-kampung feel, even when they were in KL.  When they took up a beachfront locale in Langkawi in 1994, they brought the kampung concept to boutique style.  The result is stunning, relaxing and truly home-coming resort to stay, to rejuvenate and experience the authenticity of Malaysian hospitality at its best.

The quality and the leave-in-your-tongue taste of the delicious food are next to nothing I can compare.  For all these years, Bon Ton has kept to their promise of making their place "not only for the food, but for the experience".  The experience that is so fresh in my palate has taken me to Bon Ton over and over again since 1987.

Even when I was in Langkawi, I've got to get there.  Even though the whole area in Pantai Cenang has been cleared so much with so many choice resorts, Bon Ton still remain THE ONE I must go to have my first dinner on the island.  The menu has changed, which they have been doing on a  quarterly basis for the past twenty years.  This time, the prices on the menu have increased many folds, but for me, every increase is justified with their freshest catch, freshest ingredients and the best of spices.

This time I tried the Rock Lobster Platter which cost RM94.  There were 3 medium-size lobsters, fried calamari, and a few medium-size prawns.  Even the side salad was sweet and tangy with the pickled guava.

Regrettably, the scenery was not what I get when I was there 15 years ago.  What I had framed in my head is Bon Ton having a white beach front and in the evening, the breeze will come in occasionally having a plane taking flight from the nearby airport, flickering its tail light.  But in 2013, what is left is a pond filled with lalang and the beach is no where to be seen.  I was told that some contractors came in to reclaim the land but later found that it was not feasible for construction.  It was left with all the extra landfill and gradually the weeds took over what the humans did not complete.  So, there goes the beach front.  Bon Ton is now left with the swampy pond.  They have kept it clean and beautiful, nevertheless.  I still like it.

The next restaurant that I tried was La Sal Restaurant at Casa del Mar at Pantai Cenang.  The atmosphere alone was worth your effort getting there and spending your hard earned money for an unforgettable evening.  If you have only one place to go for good, fine dining, then order the 3-course menu at RM120 nett each.  You will get a starter, a main course and a dessert, come with coffee or tea.  Then, order a bottle of champagne for RM90.  That is a good dinner to while your evening away, mesmerizing in Langkawi.

Just take that extra few days to relax and drive around Langkawi for the culinary experience, I am sure that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!

(Bon Ton) Nam restaurant rustic outlook.  No walls dining.

Next to Nam Restaurant is the Bon Ton Resort with 8 villas.

Nam Restaurant signature cocktails RM22 each.

Rock Lobster Platter - RM94

Nyonya Platter - RM74

My reservation with La Sal Restaurant at Casa del Mar Resort, Pantai Cenang.

Evening sunset dining.

Our tables are all laid out on the soft white sandy beach.

My starter, soft shell crab salad.