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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Feel wealthy in Monte Carlo, Monaco

I think this is the smallest country I had put my foot onto. So small, I don't even know I had gone into that country. This is the Principality of Manaco.

Yah, you might want to say Lichtenstein, but I was in Lichtenstein too and I didn't feel the glamour what Monaco can offer. The beauty, the rich, the glam, the studded stones, the wealth....all are here in Monaco, more fondly known as Monte Carlo.

It is said to be The Charms of the Riviera.

Monte Carlo is on the Riviera between Provence and Italy, very close to Nice and Cannes where the rich and famous Hollywood and the world filmstars convene annually for the Cannes Film Festival. We went to the medieval village of St. Paul de Vence, and was told that Sean Connery bought a mansion and he lived there too. Well, stories tour guides tell when they want the world's attention (ooops......but she said don't tell, Sean Connery wants it to be a secret (uhh??!!)

This is true, though, Princess Grace (Kelly) and her daughter were killed while driving on the Riviera through the winding slopes, that was many years ago.

We did not stay too long in Monte Carlo, most activities centred around the world famous casino or else will be just shopping for world famous branded goods and apparels.

I must say it was an eye-opener for me as to what wealth and wealthy look and feel like. So, I am very rich already, hehehe!!

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