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Friday, November 30, 2007

22 years - Macau revisited, Zhuhai a bonus!!

Macau is definitely a very mixed culturally rich place to eat, enjoy and be merry. I like the cobbled stones roads which still exist after so many years.
I was in Macau some 22 years ago. That time tourism was already booming especially the casinos. There was only one which is then the biggest, most talked about casino in town. That was the first time ever I watched the Moulin Rouge show called "Crazy Horses" with all the artistic female dancers in nude, they performance was well crafted. The choreography was immaculate, the props and lighting were marvellously synchronized and what can I say, their bodies to die for, hey, what the heck, I was only 20 years old.
Returning to this place now gives me the breath of steel bars, concrete and bridges. Macau is now architecturally inspiring. The hotels, especially Venetian Resort Macau which house the casino and hotel, took my breath away with its luscious design and overwhelming spaciousness. I was in awe with the spacious ambience in the casino, the magnitude of its sheer size is astounding.
No wonder Macau is called the "Monte Carlo of the East". Really fascinating!!
22 years ago, I remember the tourist guide took me to the Pearl River Delta bordering Macau and China then. I could only view from this side of Macau over to China with its Chinese Flag flapping in the air, she pointed at the flag which is hardly visible and told me that is China. Oh well, that was then Malaysian tourists' attraction in Macau, I think.
Now, we just need 20 minutes from downtown Macau city to conveniently get a stamp on my passport and step over to Zhuhai, China. How time has changed and closed the gap between cultures and countries, super, isn't it??!!
(Info from website :
Located in the Xianglu Bay, Sculpture of Zhuhai Fisher Girl is the symbol of Zhuhai. It is 8.7 meters high. It was designed and built according to a beautiful local folklore. The Sculpture of Zhuhai Fisher Girl and the Lover’s Road along the seashore constitute the tourist attraction of "Fisher Girl & Xianglu Bay”, one of the “Top Ten Tourist Attractions of Zhuhai”. )

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