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Friday, December 06, 2013

Travel Munich With The City Sightseeing Tour Bus

Nymphenburg Palace is just west on the outskirt of the city of Munich.

Going around as a tourist in the city of Munich is very easy.   All you need do is to hop-on and hop-off their city's red or blue city sightseeing tour buses.  The price for the 1-day pass costs under €16.  I had the city tour bus ticket included in the train tickets and accommodation I purchased from the best local tour agency in Germany, www.toeurope.eu.  The transport system in Germany is seamless and very efficient.  With so much to see and do in Europe, you've got to get on their trains to have a relaxing travel, especially to spend your entire holiday in Germany.

I got on a train in Salzburg, Austria and just about 2 hours, I arrived in Munich, the largest city of the German state of Bavaria.  This is also where BMW's HQ is situated.  Now I know why it is known as Bavarian Motor Works.  

With the hop-on- hop-off city sightseeing tour bus, it was easy for me to visit several places within a day.  There is the Nymphenburg Palace, where you will be awed by the opulent living lifestyle and their residences in the times when aristocracy reigns supreme.  I could imagine the clinging of champagne flutes and couples waltzing to Beethoven's Gertrude's Dream. 

The tour bus is conveniently parked across the street from the train station's exit.  With the excellent choice of 4-star hotels in the vicinity, finding my way to the hotel was easy.  In under 10 minutes, I found the hotel and checked in without hassle.  I like this kind of arrangement, especially during winter.  I only need to get all the train schedules listed for my easy reference, with a few train tickets in my bag, with the hotels within walking distance, the rest of the trip was relaxing and cheerful. 

Try it the next time you plan your travel to Germany.  Just get train tickets and accommodation, you will have the best holiday without getting into the rush of getting in and out of tour buses and traveling on the road for long hours.  

Trust me, in winter, it's best to have more time to sit and have a cup of coffee... plus a piece of Germany's apple strudel.

LCD display of the train's next destination.  It showed Munchen Hbf.  We were on the right track.
Comfortable seats on the train, WC is available and they even have wi-fi on board.

The interior of the spacious hop-on hop-off city sightseeing tour bus.

One of the sightseeing stop - BMW's HQ.

The hop-on hop-off city sightseeing bus.  Across the road is Munich Main Train Station.