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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

175 years famous Sacher Torte, Vienna

Can you imagine having a cake that was made famous in 1832?
People from all over the world still highly recommend it especially when you are in Vienna?
A cake that is famous for 175 years? Unbelieveable.

But I must say, when you are seated in a cafe that reminisce the time of the renaissance, where the Queen has her tea in the garden and pastries are served with “Wiener Melange” (coffee with milk), you know you epitomize the elite group that spurred from the upper lips of the distinguished people who just love fine foods.

When the bus turned into Wien (Vienna as being called in German, which is their official language), our Czech guide told Peter and I that we must try the Sacher Torte, lest we have not set foot in Vienna. It is like saying if you have not tasted asam laksa, you cannot say that you have been to Penang. (Sacher is pronounced sa-her)

It was kind of nice, actually, to alight from the bus and saw Cafe Sacher, which is a hotel that was founded since 1876. I was so fascinated, bewildered somewhat, like everything seems to be in the 18th or 19th century in Vienna.  A tiny entrance that has a charming demeanor led us into its cloakroom first. My gosh, they have a cloakroom and a butler who takes our jacket. This service costs us €1 (RM4.50, just like parking your car) per jacket and you must leave it in the cloakroom, jackets are not permitted in the dining lounge.

The Sacher Torte is a soft chocolate cake with apricot jam in the chocolate icing. I am sure there are some secret ingredients that made it to be so world famous and mouth watering. If you buy it off the shelf, it is packed in a wooden box with the Sacher seal for originality. You can buy it at the airport or airflown to your home if you order online.

We wanted to just eat it fresh with “Wiener Melange” and enjoy its hotel ambiance. So, even if the whole Sacher experience costs us about €25 (RM115.00), I must admit that it is uniquely a Franz Sacher's feeling (the 16-year-old young chef who created it 175 years ago). The sweetness and the ingenuity of it will stay at the tip of my tongue for a long long time.

When you are in Vienna, ask every Viennese for the great Sacher Torte, I am sure they will be so glad as to lead you to the famous Hotel Sacher.

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