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Friday, December 28, 2007

My Oprah Moment!!

I had a high fever last evening, well, not the first time, but each time I got it over with just a wet towel over my forehead. I got this body back to normal within a few hours, without drugs. By the way, I have not taken any medicinal drug these 7 years, not even cough syrup or panadol. Because I know how this body works and becoming more aware about the works of loving universal energy, I know that body cannot attack.

So, I am just inspired to share this thought today also because I watch Oprah this morning about Bob Greene’s Best Life Plan.

I am always been asked questions like, I have migraine, what can I take? I have high blood pressure, what can I eat? I have this, what can I do to eliminate this? I have that and how can I get rid of that? But you see, we cannot separate the brain from the kidney or the joints with the heart, it is all put together by one mind. As I watch Oprah show this morning, even being obese, astoundingly, it is not about food.

I watch Oprah’s show as often as I can. I will turn it on while I prepare my day’s work. So, while watching or walking to get my stuff, I will sit, take a glance or listen to it while I am picking up a document or something.

I have my days filled with inspiration because of Oprah. To see so many people who came on her show changed and transformed because of just one idea!! Some of the more touching stories are those who used their lives to serve others and live their dreams.

Oprah had a few shows about “This is the year to …..”, previously it was “This is the year to unclutter” , this morning, they had something about “This is the year not be fat again.” It is about being the weight we want, slimming down, of course.

As most of Oprah’s fans would have known, she went through her dieting and losing weight like a yo-yo. Her weight went above 330 lbs (150 kg) at one time. She tried several methods but she thought it was food. Through the years, she met Bob Greene, her personal trainer and an Exercise Physiologist, then she look seriously into her life and realized that her abusive and destructive childhood actually were the underlying effects of her obesity. She said in the show that she did not realize then that she was building a wall, and that wall was FAT!! This wall/fat will hide her shameful past, and so she thought.

I remember on one of her show, a woman who was weighing at over 450lbs (204 kg) told the audience that “I did not inherit obesity, I inherited depression.” And that was her turning point – just one idea!! (Idea never left its source – ACIM)

This morning, with Bob Greene on the show, he introduced his “The Best Life Diet” book. To check it out, you can go to thebestlife.com website to see the list of energy foods to take and the exercise required for a healthy lifestyle. But one very good strategy is that you can put back all the foods you like (but not the quantity) after you have successfully worked to the body size you desire.

And talking about living our dreams, Bob Greene has been talking to people about what to eat and what not to eat when he was only 8 years old. Very annoying, ya? at that age, talking so much, in our society, he will be scorned off very often. And look at what empire he has built? Obviously and very aptly, followed his consciousness – the Best Life Diet!! (For friends who still ask me what is their purpose in life, look back……)

So, in Oprah show this morning, there was a woman named Alicia, after having her first child, she bloomed to 267 lbs (121 kg) with a height of only 4’11”. She said that when she sees others who are bigger than her, that makes it ok for her be big too. Fast food was in her every day meal. She felt miserable, so she was not exercising, she had no energy, so she chose working as a cleaner so that she need not meet people. The rock bottom came when she went to a radio station for an interview, and she was told she was just too big. (I like what Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive, said “he is under heaven’s order to tell you this…” so true.) Alicia has lost 137 lbs (62 kg) by following Bob Greene’s best life plan.

Another woman, Julie Attic, was at 270 lbs (123 kg). Loneliness led her to eat to fill up!! She was also feeling miserable and low in energy. Until one day she hits rock bottom and saw a sign when she was reading an article about Oprah’s being real about her weight loss. She was on a flight home and the article was the inflight magazine. And now she walks out on stage120 lbs (55 kg) lighter. Also lost 9 sizes dress, now she is wearing size 4. I don’t know what size 4 means, but she looks terrific!!

Bob Greene has these 3 questions to ask for anyone who decides to take control back :

  • “Why are you overweight?” Think about the answer, go deeper emotionally, it is never about foods.
  • “Why do you want to lose weight?”
  • “Why have I not been able to maintain my weight?”

    Check it out at http://www.thebestlife.com/.

    I looked at the women walking out onto the stage with more than half their body size gone, my mouth was left agape, my eyes wide open and I leapt in victory with them!! Amazing, how changing one thought can change everything!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in warm and sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am in the mood for Christmas since last Saturday. I just went to some shopping centres in town and spent my whole day browsing at beautiful things. The atmosphere was so buzzing with happennings, people buying gifts for loved ones, shops brightly lit and everyone is beaming with smiles, so giving and happy. Amidst all the buzzing around, yet I felt blissful and serene. Looking at a somewhat 50-year old man holding his wife's hand watching the fairies dancing in the centre court at Mid Valley, I could see from his facial expression, he loved it, he smiled all the time until the show ends. Hmmm....such a loving expression!!

The picture on top is taken from Pavillion, the newest shopping mall in KL city centre and the bottom pic is taken from centre court Mid Valley, the largest shopping mall in KL. Both giving us the spirit of Christmas at its best. I am very amazed at Mid Valley's decoration, I notice that they run on a very different theme from the rest of the shopping malls. Instead of just building a huge christmas tree, they did a fairyland, with elfs and little flower buds. So extraordinary and so magical!! I was 100% immersed in the fairyland, like little kids being in awe with every tiny things that could spred its wings....

Merry Christmas everyone!! Love you to the vastness of the ocean!!
Have an amazing New Year 2008!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eye-popping performance - Shenzheng, China

I took a short trip with Peter in Oct this year. I thought of just taking a 5D/4N vacation to some place and I found that it only costs about RM1,660 to have a trip flying with Air Asia to Macau. The travel agency planned this trip with bulk purchase of Air Asia tickets many months ahead and sell the package complete with accommodation, entrance fee to selected tourist attraction spots, transport and full board (B,L,D). The trip was called South River Delta and it covers Macau, Zhuhai, Shenzheng, Hong Kong, then back to Macau for the flight back.

One very awe-inspiring event was when I watched the evening performance in Splendour of China in Shenzheng. They had almost 500 performers and run the 1 hour show with fireworks, lazer lights display with real-life animals as big as elephants and horses running into the atrium while the riders waved their flags and do stunts while the horses galloped swiftly across the atrium. The magnitude of the show is so great, imagine that all the beautiful performers are specially selected from all over China. All to be of almost the same age in their early 20s, height and body to be of the same size and shape. The girls and guys are amazingly tall, so that they all will stand in commanding stature when they are performing on stage. The glitter and the glamour were outstandingly eye-popping. Go and watch it yourself, worth every single sen!!

By the way, the tour price was very reasonable. All of the world for only RM1,660, oh and it includes visa fees and tips too.