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Monday, October 13, 2008

Bali - Romantic Sita Spa Package, you will drool...

I have never been to Bali.  

Many friends were surprised when I told them that, "What? You mean you have been around the world but you have never been to Bali!?" 

In July this year, I finally got the chance to visit Bali.  And I drooled over it.  I loved it so much I vowed to be back next year.  

I have heard so much about Bali from friends, read rave reviews from Travel Magazines.  When I was in the Interior Design business, some of my clients told me to look for Balinese designs.  Of course I did learn a bit about Bali, but I have no idea what is there that captured everyone's heart and perhaps.....soul too.

Until July 2008, I know what being Bali-ed means.  I was totally head over heels with the people, the culture, the food, the lifestyle and the sacred devotion to mother nature that is so widely practiced by the Balinese people.  Amidst all the bustling activities in Kuta or the arty-scenes in Ubud or the nature-infused highlands surrounding Mt Agung, you will find everyone in Bali devote their time to prayers.  You will notice little square bowls made of all natural leaves and flowers adorn their streets, their shops and the interiors of their houses. Most houses are intricately landscaped to blend in with nature.

I was in Tanah Lot Temple grounds.  There is only 1 hotel in the Temple grounds, others are within walking distance away.  So, when I stay inside the Temple grounds, I don't need to pay entrance fee everytime I walk into the park.

The hotel rates is very reasonable.  I paid Rp200,000 (RM70) for a night's stay in a room meant for 2 persons.  The room is with attached bath, a king-size bed, tv and chairs.  Like a junior  suite room but minus all the 5-star glitters.  Very simple setting but nice.  Breakfast is included.  

I was the hotel guest, so I got a special price for a 3-hour Balinese spa.  Let me share with you this, it will drool you over, the package is called Romantic Sita, it includes :

  • Foot flower bath
  • Balinese traditional full body massage
  • Lulur Sinta full body scrub
  • Flower bath
  • Cream hair treatment (include head and shoulder massage)
  • Foot massage
  • Herbal tea with ginger
Normal price USD50 for 3 hours.

I got all the above for only USD35.  It was so relaxing and rejuvenating, I still think about it after so many months.

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sobo said...


can you tell me the name of hotel that you stay in bali? it seem affordable to me..thanks