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Monday, July 27, 2009

10 days in Bali

Since I come home from Bali, friends were appalled when I told them I was there for 10 days :

"You were alone-ah? Traveling alone, good meh?"
"What did you do, having 10 days in Bali?"
"Bali very small island, what can you do there? 10 days, such a long time."

I was with a group of friends for the first 5 days, then they left and I moved to other parts of Bali on my own.

Bali is a big island compared to Pulau Pinang or Singapore. It is almost 19x the size of Penang Island  and almost 9x the size of Singapore.  You can find practically everything you want for a great holiday escapade in Bali : trekking, nature walks, mountains, temples, volcanoes, art, shopping, temples, food, organic stuff, temples, biking, cycling, temples, padi fields, 7-star spa resorts, temples, surfing, para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, temples......really, everything you want for a good time.

I have been to Honolulu, Hawaii and I was in Kuta, Bali. I would say that what Hawaii is to the West, Bali is offering it to the South Pacific, maybe minus a few G-strings and Biceps. But at a fraction of the cost for Asians, Bali is still the best choice.

I like this description from one of the website about the island which many Balinese are Hindu : "Bali is a society of hamlets clustered around temples. Bali as a culture organism, the villages are its vital organs, and the network of temples its nervous system."

Where did I go in Bali?

Kuta -  south : beach resort, sun, sea, water sports, thousands of tourists, constantly jam packed with people, action place.

Ubud - centre : art town, handicraft, creative stuff, organic foods, spa, spiritual activities, yoga, nature walks, great food especially Babi Guling, Bebek Betutu and Bebek Bengil.

Mt Batur - north east : temples, Pura Penulisan, Pura Gunung Kawi (Water Temple), mountainous terrain, restaurants on side of cliffs.

Mt Agung - north east : mountain scenery, cool air, Besakih Temple, lunch en route is best.

Amed - east : beachside resorts, azure sea, hardly anyone around, beautiful beach and lovely villagers.

Mt Lempuyang - east : about 3,000 ft above sea level, a sacred Balinese once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage trek up, with more than 1,000 steps to the summit with 6 temples along the way.

Candidassa - east : beach resort, spa resort, small place but lots of restaurants.

Tanah Lot - south west : temple in the middle of the ocean, great sunset viewing point.

Uluwatu - south : temple perched on a cliff, beautiful sunset and sunrise viewing point.

Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua - all beachside resorts.

So many things to do in Bali, all alone to enjoy it. Hmmm....so in touch...

Even having breakfast on the beach under a coconut tree, banana pancake with honey, fried egg and coffee + the breeze from the idyllic sea at 7 on a bright and sunny morning, makes it all worthwhile to live.