I have redefined retirement at age 23. I have a lifestyle where I do the things I like, with the time I have and still get paid for it. I designed my freedom these two decades, traveling to more than 40 countries. I run a successful business doing consulting works as a Corporate Writer, Corporate Emcee, Event Producer and a Workshop Facilitator. I am also a talk-show host on an Internet Radio station with two programs "A Course In Miracles for Work-Life" and "Freedom Speaks". Life is Healthy, Rich & FREE! You can design this lifestyle according to your willingness. I hope mine will inspire you to achieve that freedom too.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

South Africa - Lifestyle is camping at Krueger National Park

"Wherever you live is your temple, if you treat it like one." Buddha

I started my overseas travel when I was 20 years old. I had joined local tour agencies and most of my travel, I did them all alone - backpacking. I have the time to be in a country sometime as long as one month. After joining a tour to Kenya, I just could not get enough of the wilderness - the Serengeti plains kept whispering in my ears, ringing tones of serenity and the sounds of vast emptiness. Sitting alone watching the sun sets over the arcacia trees, with silence whispering into my soul and sensing the Lion's yawn amidst the bushes, the experience was spellbound. Holding on to these memories, just 2 weeks before Chinese New Year in the year 1999, I boldly booked a flight ticket to Johannesburg, South Africa. I did not have any details at all about the country and I didn't have an itinerary (as usual). I just knew that when I arrived, I will find my way. My lifestyle is purely based on faith and trust. Having faith that everything will be taken care of and having trust that whatever happens, it's for my own good. So, there I was camping in Krueger National Park, having met wonderful buddies - 2 girls from Australia and 1 from England. The guy seated next to me was our South Afircan driver and guide. We camped along the way. I had a great time sleeping under the stars and waking up to see elephants playing in the water and hippos, as always, submerged in the lake with only their tiny eyes and little nostrils on the surface of the water. ( Top picture - giraffe crossing the road, so we got to stop to take a picture. Bottom picture - we were having dinner, our guide cooked us the meals too.)

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