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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eye-popping performance - Shenzheng, China

I took a short trip with Peter in Oct this year. I thought of just taking a 5D/4N vacation to some place and I found that it only costs about RM1,660 to have a trip flying with Air Asia to Macau. The travel agency planned this trip with bulk purchase of Air Asia tickets many months ahead and sell the package complete with accommodation, entrance fee to selected tourist attraction spots, transport and full board (B,L,D). The trip was called South River Delta and it covers Macau, Zhuhai, Shenzheng, Hong Kong, then back to Macau for the flight back.

One very awe-inspiring event was when I watched the evening performance in Splendour of China in Shenzheng. They had almost 500 performers and run the 1 hour show with fireworks, lazer lights display with real-life animals as big as elephants and horses running into the atrium while the riders waved their flags and do stunts while the horses galloped swiftly across the atrium. The magnitude of the show is so great, imagine that all the beautiful performers are specially selected from all over China. All to be of almost the same age in their early 20s, height and body to be of the same size and shape. The girls and guys are amazingly tall, so that they all will stand in commanding stature when they are performing on stage. The glitter and the glamour were outstandingly eye-popping. Go and watch it yourself, worth every single sen!!

By the way, the tour price was very reasonable. All of the world for only RM1,660, oh and it includes visa fees and tips too.

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