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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Manila I know.

Manila.  More than two decades ago, I used to get free magazines about Marketing, PR and Advertising directly from Manila.  I used to subscribe to their marketing ideas published extensively in various professional reading materials.  Then one day, they stopped arriving at my door step.  I did not know why the magazines stopped publication.  For many years later, I went to Manila and walked the streets and felt for the first time, why the people were the cream de la creme of the world of Marketing genius.  The people are vibrant, hard working, smart, they just love to play, have fun and lots of music.  That makes the city vibrates with the energy of creation.   I just love it.

Look at their most popular means of transport.  See how creative the Jeepneys are painted.  It is a great collage for a big piece of artwork.

Jeepney in Manila, a popular means of public transport.

Jeepney, the culture of Manila.

Jeepney, anywhere, anyway.

A beautifully decorated Jeepney plying the busy roads in Manila.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eating in Central London is very affordable.

Many of my friends have a belief that when they are in Europe, the cheapest food they would go for a meal is at fast food outlets.  I would recommend otherwise.  Look around for hot meals at Gastropubs, they are delicious and very affordable.

Even in Central London, you can find fairly affordable hot meals where usually a drink in included.   Check them out when you are in London.

This restaurant is situated in Leicester Square.  You must go for UK's #1 favorite dish, the Chicken Tikka Masala.  At this restaurant, it is only £6.95, a hot curry meal with rice and a pint of beer.

This is a chain gastropub in the suburb of London.  Usually, a hot meal comes complete with a bottle of wine (when you buy 2 main meals) or a pint of beer when you have single orders.  This deal has always been available these past few years I have been in London.  Even when I was in Edinburgh, this offer is also popular there.  It just shows that all over England, it is affordable for a hot meal and a proper place to eat.

The price for lunch may be a little high for some but the it is served with huge portion.  I would advise two to share then order an additional drink and a side dish or an appetizer.  That would be economical.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

No where to get married? Come to Gretna Green, Scotland

Going from England into Scotland by road, my first stop entering Scotland before arriving into Edinburgh is a small little town famous for runaway weddings.  It seems that this place host many wedding ceremonies, over 5,000 weddings in a year since 1753.

When England passed the Act to legalize the age for marriage to be 21, many teenagers who were madly in love, crossed the border and eloped to Scotland to get married.  The nearest town when they step into Scotland is Gretna Green.

Nowadays, people come from all over Europe to visit Gretna Green as a place for romance and weddings.

When I was there, it was winter but the weather was so good, I get blue skies and took many beautiful pictures.

At the back of the famous Old Blacksmith Shop where weddings were held here since 1712.  This is the sculpture garden where visitors take a breather from Carlisle in England, driving into Edinburgh in Scotland.

The most photographed wooden structure in the Sculpture Garden of Gretna Green.

The famous Old Blacksmith Shop where weddings were popularly held since 1712.
The location of Gretna Green driving from Carlisle to the border town.

The sculpture garden in Gretna Green.

The interior garden of the famous Old Blacksmith Shop.

Lots of romantic sculpture in the garden.

A beautiful scenery with the blue skies at the background.  Even though it was cold, it was breathtaking.