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Monday, March 30, 2009

Nice, France - nice, just nice...

If Paris is considered the northern part of France, then Nice (pronounced Nis) is definitely can be considered the south. It has a Mediterranean climate, so you can watch people flying kites in winter. It is breezy and very soothing to just walk along the road, watching the soft rolling waves with stories they carried with them those thousands of years. (Our hotel room was just one street behind this beach front.)

After going on the long and winding road to the French Riviera, taking a breather as we stayed a night in Nice was indeed a wonderful choice. It is because when I was in Nice, I needn't do anything, it was just relaxing, soothing, just enjoy, no fuss, breezy, lullaby, yeah, that kind of wanting to just sit and do nothing, or can't even think of anything else to do.

There was practically nothing else to do except to eat and shop. Lafayette is also in Nice, as big if not bigger than the one in Paris. People thronged the 5- (or is it 6-?) storey high shopping mall throughout its opening hours. It was packed. People were everywhere, from the sidewalk stalls selling leather bags to silk scarfs to all sort of wine bottle corkscrew opener. Just amazing how the wine-drinking people really sit down and think of all the ways to pull the cork out of the wine bottle, some creations were astounding.

The sidewalk cafes and the restaurants served lots of seafood. I observed many people eating many types of shellfish over a steaming black pot, they have another smaller black pot for them to dispose of the empty shells. But I guess, if it were here in Asia, we would have lots of variety, maybe we would have cooked it teochew style, or fry them with belachan or dipped the shellfish into our hot chilly sauce. Or maybe because all the seafood here in Nice were fresh, so it was best eaten by just slightly steaming them over hot water. Moreover, it was winter, so I guess a hot soup base seafood can stay hot longer outdoors.

I like walking in the local market to see their local produce. There were rows and rows of flowers, especially Lavender.

Lavender somehow takes on a suppleness as if you were cuddled in a thousand thread satin bedsheet, smooth and sleepy. Yawn yawn yawn......with the lullaby from the sea in Nice, you sleep in perfect lavender sanctuary so safe you will forever have sweet dreams.

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