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Monday, August 18, 2008

Laptop dies while I catch up on the beat!!

Many things had happened since the last update on my blogsite.  First, my laptop had finally refused to boot up in May 2008, and all my files and photos are stuck in the hard disk drive.  Got my friend to transfer all to an external hard disk.  

In fact, 1 Jan 2008, my laptop was so invaded by virus, it abducted all (yes, I mean ALL including all my photos) my files to cyberspace.  When i turned it on, it was empty, totally new as if I had just purchased a new computer.  But I was ok, files gone just got to start all over again.  Maybe I just needed that to write with my "new" evolved mind with "new" English terms and words.  So, I was happy with a new lease of writing style rather than to refer to my old ones.

Then, I went around looking for a new computer to buy, after about 2 months of anlysis, I settled on getting an iMac.  Amazing creation.  No CPU tower, just the screen, a mouse and a keyboard.  All with just one 3-pin plug and wallah, save so much space and so user friendly.

Now, need time to work on the new softwares.  Working to get all my works on iWork, a software similar to Windows but 100x more creative and slick!!

Will talk about my adventure with Apple later.

Then, I went on my sojourn - 2 weeks from Kuta Beach in Bali, to Mt Bromo in Java and then onward journey to Joyja, then an hour motorcycle ride to Borobudur.  All without prior knowledge of where to go and what to expect.  None at all, no hotel bookings, don't even have an itinerary where to go.  Just got a ticket that flew me to Denpasar and a ticket to fly back from Jogja to KL.  That's it!!  And it turned out to be so beautiful!!

Then, to my favorite country, India, for another life changing connection.  

Phew......missing in writing but this is it, just squeeze myself to do some update on my blog.

In the meantime, lets enjoy life.....