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Saturday, November 18, 2006

On the highest lake in the world - Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, when I first read about this lake in my geography book about 30 years ago, deep inside me I wanted to know - how can a lake be the highest in the world? How could a lake that high in the mountains contain water? Where does the water go? I grew up knowing that there is such a lake that is the highest in the world.

"It is reputed to be the highest navigable lake in the world (about 3810 m/12,500 ft above sea level), extending from southeastern Peru to western Bolivia. The lake is 196 km (122 mi) long with an average width of 56 km (35 mi). The lake has waves, testament to its size and not surprising the waters are cold. At that altitude and fed from snow-clad Andes the lake does not invite swimming. It is the remnant of an ancient inland sea and the blue waters make a beautiful contrast to the parched altiplano." - got this from a website.

We get to Lake Titicaca from "the Peruvian side from Puno, the capital of Peru's altiplano which is the folkloric center of Peru and gateway to Lake Titicaca."

The 4-cylinder boat took more than 4 hours to get to a floating island where there are villagers who build their houses (like those teepee in the pictures) on the dried straws. Will show you guys more pictures of these amazing islanders later.

(To be continued.........)

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