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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Windsor, Canada

This is Windsor, in Ontario Canada. According to the website : "Although Canada takes up the entire area of North America north of the United States, Windsor is actually south of Detroit because of how it wraps around. There are two main arteries get you across the Detroit River and into Canada. The Ambassador Bridge goes over the water and is the longest international suspension bridge in the world. If you prefer, you can travel under the Detroit River through the Windsor Tunnel."
One of the days when Peter and I were there in February 2006, it was a blizzard. We were staying at our lovely sister, Teri's house. The next morning, we went out and this was what I saw when I open the door. It was so white, so beautiful. That day, we had the most enjoyable trip to Point Pelee to have dinner with another of our sister, Linda, who lives there. "Just over 50 km (30 miles) south-east of Windsor, Ontario, lies the most southern point on the Canadian mainland – Point Pelee National Park of Canada. This tiny green oasis is internationally known for its spring and fall migration of birds and its stunning autumn monarch butterfly migration. "
Peter and I made the trip with Teri at the wheels and Sue too. It was about an hour and a half to Linda's, so we stopped by at some lovely spots to have a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons, it is like Starbucks in America. Aromatic coffee and crunchy cookies. It was warm inside Tim Hortons with piping hot coffee, while outside temperature dropped to zero.
It was fantastic!! Thanks to Teri and Sue. We talked so much, it was a more "talking trip" then a walking trip. We enjoyed the sweetness of the company very much!!
How we made this trip?
We had a very good ticketing agent who has been handling my travel tickets for years. All my ticketing arrangment, I did it all through Ching Ching. She is very responsible and responsive to all my requests. I only need to tell her my travel needs, she will check the best price for me and sometimes even arrange the ground tour too. I usually buy only air tickets, because I so used to go to a country and let everything unfold as I relax and let things happen. I remember I paid only RM1,600 to Cairo, RM1,600 to Johannesburg, I paid less than RM2,000 to Los Angeles, I paid about RM1,600 to New Delhi and out from Kathmandu. Most of these prices were before the airlines implemented the fuel surcharge. Nevertheless, I traveled to New York in Feb 2005 with 5 nights 5-star hotel stay (Marriot and Sheraton), and include land tour to Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Hershey's Chocolate Factory (I felt like re-living Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - so chocolate-high!!). No meals, not even breakfast. And all these, including MAS flight to New York - for less than RM5,800.00.
So, Peter and I finished our tour at Buffalo, after having a chill-to-the-bone experience at Niagara Falls, because it was so cold. We boarded a bus from Buffalo (American border) over to the Canadian side. The Greyhound bus took about 7 hours or more to get to Windsor, Ontario after we change at Toronto. So, the ride was smooth. And we met Teri at Windsor's bus station.
And then, all the 4 days there with friends coming over to chat and hugs, and where Peter cooked up a Chinese meal for everyone, we went shopping for Chinese foodstuff and all the laughing and talking, oh....that was truly magical!!