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Thursday, September 06, 2012

The World Eats - Manila, Phillipines

SM Mall of Asia in Manila, close to Manila Bay in Pasay City, Manila, is one of Forbes' World's 10 Largest Shopping Malls.  It is a must visit tourist destination in Manila.

I was amazed with the development.  It looks more like a city by itself, self-sustainable with everything you need under one, no, several roofs, stretching over 42 hectares (104 acres).

It was packed with locals and tourists, especially at the esplanade, where there were plenty of activities to keep the visitors busy.  Everyone seemed to be having fun. 

One of my star discoveries was Abé Restaurant on level 1 of the Seaside Boulevard.  The restaurant is facing the sea, there is a live band playing on the patio outside the restaurant where you can also choose to have alfresco dining.  You can stay for drinks in the evening while you enjoy being serenaded by the ever talented Filipinos singers.  It seemed that every Filipino can sing and dance too.

The dining atmosphere in Abé Restaurant is modern and casual.  It felt more like dining in a fusion cafe, in vast contrast to the authentic Pinoy food they dished out.  The must-try should be the pork knuckle, crispy and crackling.

This is the famous crackling pork knuckle that is a must-try when you are in Manila. Lookout for this dish anywhere you are in the city, most will serve the best with their very own recipe.

Me, LeAnn and Sharon.  For the few days in Manila, the best time we had was searching for the finest, most authentic Pinoy food. We had a table full of food. Bamboo steamed rice with herbs. Pork knuckle. Fish belly in guava juice.

Sinigang fish belly cooked in crushed guava and sour broth. Thick soup with fish, served in hot-pot style. Taste the sweet greenish taste of guava, best eaten piping hot. When cold, a bit too gooey. The taste was so special that we finished it even though we were already very full.  Only P395 (RM30)

We picked the dishes based on its very descriptive menu.  Even the prices were so good. Good food, good price!

This was dessert. Ube Jalea with Macapuno. Wild mountain yam cooked in special Pinoy way. P150 (RM11)
This restaurant's owner has a very colorful and exciting life.  Must have been a jovial fella.