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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Future, Epcot Centre, Orlando

The other day we walked towards our right where the bus stopped to Disney World where we boarded the monorail into the happiest place on earth. Now, as we alighted from the bus, we walked towards the left wing of the huge car parking space which apparently can fill up to 10,000 cars at any one time. Looking up, I saw the sign to Epcot Centre, I followed it all the way through its covered walkway. It took us quite a while to walk the distance before I could slot in my ticket for validation to enter into the Centre. 

As I retrieved my ticket and put it back safely into my slingbag, I looked up and was immediately thrown into an awe-inspiring gasp as a huge mammoth steel structure that resembled a round ball the size of a 15-storey building filled up my vision. As I walked closer and read the inscription, I then realized that I can actually get inside for a ride, I got this description from its website :

"Spaceship Earth Attraction is a 16-minute omnimover ride through time and space for Guests of all ages that features approximately 20 elaborately detailed, Audio-Animatronic show scenes that depict the stirring story of human connection and collaboration over 40,000 years—from the dawn of recorded time to the 21st century's internet age."
It was exciting when the omnimover rotated, moved forward and stopped. I didn't expect my "cart" to move backward too, we had all this mind-swirling movements while the omnimover was moving upwards sometimes at an almost 30° slope. But the speed was slow so it was bearable, unlike "The Mummy" experience I had at the Universal Studio, well, that will be our story another time.

During the ride, this was what happened :

"Spaceship Earth Attraction omnimover vehicles—dubbed time machines—are equipped with interactive touch screens that ask you how you would like to live, work and play in the world of tomorrow. Utilizing image capture and face recognition technology, you can then enjoy a glimpse of your potential future self at the end of the attraction."
And that was how this animation was produced. I didn't know that there will be such a video. I was only asked to click a few buttons when I was on the omnimover, so I did. It was so stunning that our faces were captured, recorded and was produced in such a witty story of my future. And yes, those themes were selected by me.
Most of the attractions which are closer to the entrance has futuristic theme, while the rest adopted features from Disney famous movies such as Finding Nemo and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but they shrunk all the audience instead, me included. 

There is also a special attraction where they have built a big part of the park to house a few pavilions bringing in the style, culture and the designs of the buildings to the likes of the those found in such countries like Japan, China, Mexico, France, Germany and many parts of Europe. Not only can we marvel at the designs of the "city", we can even taste the "local" foods at each of the pavilion too. Even the people who are in charge of the respective pavilions dress up like its country's unique culture. So, when you walk into any of the pavilion, you feel as if you are already in that country. Very ingenious!

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