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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Walkabout Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne sky line

I have been to Melbourne twice.

The first time, in 1989, more than 20 years ago. I could remember the year clearly, not because I still have my stamped Australian Visa in my old passport. It was the year when the Tiananmen incident happened.

I checked into a backpackers hostel in a red-light district. All I could remember seeing when I walked out from the hostel were shops selling all the toys and accessories, including movies in VHS that most parents will forbid in their homes. That was where I was brought to by the bus driver when I told him to bring me to a backpackers hostel. I still have not idea why that happened then. Is it because backpacking wasn't as popular in Australia back in the 80's that there were so few choices or was I taken for a ride?

A shopping mall in Melbourne
It was cheap then, nevertheless. The bed cost only about A$12. There was a courtyard where all of us could watch TV anytime we wanted. So, that afternoon, a lot of the backpackers were gathering in the courtyard and many were showing sense of distress watching the news. I inched closer to the TV, and watched the scenes of the Tiananmen incident happening on TV.

Recently, in 2007. I went back to Melbourne for a walkabout. Well, nothing astounding has changed. Except that there are more backpackers hotels in downtown Melbourne now. How do I know that? It always start from the airport. When you ask the driver of any public transport to bring you to the place you want to stay, you will get a glimpse of how the city is. Because the most popular places to stay among backpackers will give you an indication how the traveling industry has grown over the years.

Melbourne is still quiet and very care-free. It is like you are not bothered with anyone or anything in your surrounding, you just be you. Like the willow in the wind, sway and stay with the breeze. That's how I feel about the city.
Lead Pipe and Shot Factory, what remains is now an attraction of the shopping mall.

There is a very unique shopping mall, it is housed in a historical site. In the middle of the mall, stands a tower that is the remains of the Lead Pipe and Shot Factory. Once it was the tallest building in the city. Even in the mid-50's, it stood six meter higher than the then city building limits.

Lunar New Year decoration in a Mall, Hotel in Melbourne
This time, I was there during the Lunar New Year, so there were colorful display of lanterns and everything Chinese.

This is the best attraction.
It was a really lovely time to spend in the city, just walking and enjoying the breeze. Looking at the wide selections of pastry, just drooled me to pieces. I will usually just sit in a cafe, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the selection while watching the Melburnian play kites, family laughing, street entertainers performing, colorful buntings flapping to the wind. Such great life!

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